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Meet Our Staff

Roza Kurciska has been an esthetician for over 20 years.  She started her career as a dermatologist having studied and licensed in Macedonia.  She owned and operated her own Skin Care Spa in Macedonia along with her sister.  After Roza came to this country she got her license as an esthetician and has practiced here in the Skin Care Industry for about ten years in other prominent spas in this area.  She has been our Senior Esthetician - Skin Care & Body Treatment Expert for over 4+ years. She is vital to our team and specializes in problem skin cases e.g. facials, acne and custom facials, as well as Micro Current Non Surgical Facelifts (contouring, toning, and sculpting skin, Sculplla Treatments,, Hydro facials, Cellulite Reduction Treatments, Body Wraps, and Micro Derm.  She incorporates Lymphatic drainage techniques with upper body massage into various treatments.

 Her work is featured on our website in several places..  She is highly regarded by all her clients as well as all staff members and is a consummate professional  

In addition she is also. Reiki practitioner using a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. This new service is now available book 1 hour appointment introductory rate $65/

Limor Dakik, graduated from the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTROLOGY. Her career in Skin Care & the Beauty Industry has spanned over 20 years. Limor is one of our Electrologists as well as a skin care specialist. She is also a talented hair dresser having practiced over 20 years. 

She is bi-lingual, a world traveler, an artist crafting jewelry, and  a dedicated mother.  She is extremely professional, diligent and caring and always tries to accommodate her clients.  She has been a member of the spa team for over 4 years and is highly motivated and well regarded by all.

Ruth Rubio is a consummate professional performing superior service; being highly motivated, caring  and gentle. She performs all Micro Current, Micro Derm, Sculplla Treatments, Cellulite and Body Treatments, Sugar Waxing and Threading as well as custom.  Ruth is always consistent. and the backbone of our waxing staff.

Background:  Ruth Rubio, is a native Californian born in the San Fernando Valley. She loved all things to do with the beauty industry since she was very young (her mother was a cosmetologist) and she wanted to make it her career,  After she graduated high school she competed for a scholarship to Marinello School of Beauty  She was licensed as an Esthetician and has been practicing Skin Care & Sugar Waxing well over 8 years. She loves all her clients and they love her and appreciate her.  She held the position of  Trainer at well-know local waxing salon.  

Paula Pellerin has been with two plus years.  She is an esthetician practicing all forms of skin care including microcurrent, microderm, facials, sculppla treatments, hydro facials, cellulite reduction and body treatments.  She is also an expert sugar waxer having coming from a prominent waxing salon with over 6 years of experience and receives rave reviews from all her clients.  

She speaks Japanesse and is a world traveler.  Currently her interests are in continuing education and the healing arts and practices yoga.  She is currently studing electrolysis and will be licensed later this year.

Jackie Diaz the newest addition to our staff of professionals specializing in all forms of skin care, cellulite reduction, lash extensions and lash lifts!  She is also does sugar waxing.

 She is from the Riverside area and holds a cosmetologist license for over 10 years.  She is a Makeup artist and has Advanced Lash artist training.  Jackie is Bilingual (English & Spanish) and is the consummated professional with a warm friendly personality.