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Lash Lift





Lash Lift 




  • No need for lash curlers
  • Gives definition and opens up the eyes
  • Your eyes will always be beautiful
  • No more messy mascaras

What is the process?

1. Your lashes are glued down to a silicone shield.

2. The lifting lotion is applied to the root of the lashes & left on for seven minutes. The lifting lotion acts as a softener that's going in and softening the bond of your hair so that it's moldable

3. A setting solution is applied and also processes for seven minutes. This step hardens everything back up and restructures the bond and makes them hard again, essentially locking in the shape. 

What is a lash perm?
A lash perm is an innovative way to keep lashes curled, opening and enlarging the eyes without the use of eyelash curlers.

Who should get this treatment?
Anyone who wants perfectly curled eyelashes every moment of every day.

Any special care after the procedure?
Keep lashes away from excessive water use for 24 hours as it may soften the perm. After that, it’s maintenance free.