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Lenore Sussman

Owner/Skin Care Practioner/Electrologist

Skin Care/Micro-Current 

I am a highly trained, experienced professional holding dual licensing in my fields of practice.

I was on a quest to find a way to find a way of rejuvenating my appearance,  I had been routinely destroying  pictures taken of me. I didn't want to see my sagging skin and puffy eyes being documented in pictures as a result I destroyed a lot of family pictures.   So months prior to my daughter's wedding, I began Micro Current treatments and was amazed with the results.  After 12 treatments, I attained the results I was looking for when friends and family kept commenting on how much younger I looked.   I was so inspired by the results that I wanted to share it with other women and incorporate it into my skin care practice.  I found that micro current  makes me look younger, but that my skin feels more tightened and toned with a healthy glow.  Micro current has no down side in that it has been used medically for years as an aid to healing and in physical therapy.  I can truthfully say that even though I have suffered ill effects from other procedures, Micro Current has been healing and safe even with my sensitive skin as a result of my Lupus.  

After many years of experience in the beauty/skin care business, I was very skeptical that anything could work to make such a remarkable change particularly in view of the 68 years..... but it did!!!!   I want to share it with you!


Licensed to practice electrology 30+ years ago.  I use the Blend Method of Electrolysis, considered by most experts to be the most effective method of permanent hair removal.  I studied under the inventor of the Blend method, "affectionately known as the father of modern day Electrolysis", Arthur R. Hinkel, who authored the most widely used text on Electrolysis, and founded the most prestigious and acclaimed school of Electrology, Wilshire School of Electrolysis in Los Angeles which I attended.  I went into training because I wanted to add permanent hair removal to my already successful full-service salon in Northridge, California.  Even at that time, I recognized that any other method of hair removal was temporary and the most productive, cost efficient method was Electrolysis so I invested months of my time and money to gain the electrolysis license.  This proved to be a great investment and was personally rewarding.  

In later years, I have concentrated my practice on skin care and electrology, which I find the most rewarding.

We are open 7 days a week and evenings too you can make appointments during business hours by call 818-422-6193 or any time online at www.micro-current.genbook.com.  Call us with any questions, we are here to serve you.  We specialize in all forms of skin care, sugar waxing, eyelash extentions, lash lift and electrolysis.  My staff is very experienced and highly motivated and professional.