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February 26, 2020

We Thank you for all the Wonderful Years of Your Patronage!!

Many of you who know me, are aware that last year in July I was diagnosed with cancer and as a result I took chemotherapy treatments into the end of the year which unfortunately resulted in many debilitating side effects (neuropathy, etc.) of which I am still suffering and certain others may still be coming with time. My energy level is almost non-existent and I went from being a very young 75-year-old to a very old 75-year-old. As a result, my business suffered seriously during the year and in order to keep things running my I infused it with my own cash monthly. My expenses have sky rocked resulting in tremendous financial losses coupled with the extensive relocation and capital improvement fees I incurred as a result of our forced move from our prior location to our present more expensive beautiful location. All in all, I have been advised that I cannot continue to run my business sustaining the financial losses that I have been incurring, nor can I continue to infuse my business with my own capital as I have been doing every month. Additionally, I do not have the energy or extra financial resources to increase business income through extra advertising as many other competitors have entered our areas. I also incurred the devastating financial effects of AB5 mandated by the State of California making it necessary to convert Independent Contractors to Employees which cost us greatly in increased, taxes and fees and employee losses.

Each of our employees was offered space on a temporary rental basis here, but I can only say certain employees decided to leave and they may contact you personally as to their plans. If you need their phone number contact us or see below. Only Mari McQuay and myself will remain here. Mari is a 30 year veteran skin care specialist who will be in her own business does all skin care services except sugar waxing. To Book Mari you can call (818) 521-8217 or book on line at our usual booking site

Again, thank you for all the good years!

I will be available for returning electrolysis clients on a limited basis at either number below or the usual booking online. Unfortunately. I am still responsible for the suite until it is re-leased by my landlord so I will be here.

Very sincerely yours,

Lenore Sussman


4515 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 202

Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

818-422-6193 818-422-6194

E-Mail: [email protected]

Former Staff Members can Be Located by phoning or E-mailing them as follows:  Roza Kurciska @ 818-307-4459 [email protected]