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Our Most Improved Client 10 Treatments

Jennifer has had 10 Mictro Current treatments to date with the initial pictures at her first treatment of her face (previous page)  and decolletage.  The facial improvement is remarkable and shows marked improvements in the overall texture of her skin with a reduction of enlarged pores manifest in her upper face (cheeks), a more chiseled look to her nose, with a lift to her eyebrows and eye area. The labia folds have disappeared as has most of previous discloration.  Her mouth is plumped and up turned.  Her skin is no longer dull; it radiates and glows.  There is no need for heavy makeup now!

The  d├ęcolletage comparison shows dramatic Before and After difference in lines, texture, and pigmentation.  The entire area is smooth and supple and adds to the overall youthful appearance.

We feel this client has effectively removed about 10 years from her age. She is very happy and is now pursuing our Cellulite Treatment program

along with maintaining her microcurrent treatments.  

Our Signature Micro Current Treatment is different from many others on the market today and usually can only be found in higher caliber spas in that it employes four modalities.  The Micro Current (commonly 

Nano Current along with Ultra Sount, RF Current gives you deeper

more effective treatments in less time.  

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