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Our Most Improved Client of the Season!

Before her treatments our client had enlarged pores in the cheek area, and are still noticeable despite wearing makeup.  She had uneven pigmentation in her lower chin and her nose appears somewhat drooped.  Her skin and eyes lack luster and glow.  

After 10 treatments our client's face is glowing and her eyebrows and eyes are naturally lifted.  Her lips are upturned with a natural lift.  The pores in her cheeks are no longer enlarged and the texture of her skin is smooth.  Her nose even lifted and narrowed as well.  Her friends and associates are remarking on her youthful look.

The following before and after pictures show the dramatic improvement in her skin.  Notice the texture of the skin is smooth and the wrinkles have disappeared.

Jennifer looks 10 years younger.  This is what signature Microcurrent plus does, and what it can do for you as well.