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Euro Zen Back Facial

This one hour service actually treats your back, the backs of your upper arms and your elbows — three areas most people neglect! It starts with a deep cleansing with steam to soften the skin and open the pores. Next, an exfoliating scrub is applied to slough off dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and decongested. Extractions are performed,  Finally, a luxuorous massage all in a zen atmosphere with aroma therapy.             $75

Face & Back Series Packages Available  (add ons for Micro Derm extra)

Back Micro Derm

Diamond Tip Exfoliation of the back area can be used in addition to the Back Facial or separate service. Usually a 45 minute services removes blackheads, white heads, and dead skin cells.  Promotes collagen production. 


Ask about add-on pricing for Back & facial Packages

Fat/ Cellulite Treatment

This is our newest skin tightening and cellulite machine.  This machine along with the Nano-Microcurrent Ultra Sound RF-LED Ultra Cavitation (machine ) is used for Fat/Cellulite Treatments.

Ultrasonic Cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells, help you slim down in shorter time with lesser number of treatments where you can see result from the first session without undergoing surgeon's knife and anesthetics.  
The Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment is for anyone who wants to get rid of the stubborn fat in the areas such as stomach, thighs, bottom and arms, without any downtime ,where regular exercises and diet didn’t help. Serval sessions give better result. You can maximize cellulite reduction by following a high fiber, low-fat diet, exercising and drinking plenty of water.  Results usually are visible by the 4th session.  We recommend 8-12 treatments for maximum results with maintenance treatments afterwards.

How Ultrasonic Cavitation Works?
The low frequency ultrasound waves produce microscopic bubbles, which break the membrane of the fat cells (adipocytes) without affecting other organs, and then the content of adipocytes are metabolized by the liver and eliminated out of human body by lymphatic system and in the urine.  
This what is know as Ultra Sound Cavitation (Low frequency ultrasound with RF).  Our system also employees nano (micro current) and RF to aid in toning and sculpting the area as well with the results being safe and effective.
Package series prices are available shown on Price lis along with Micro current prices.

Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed wraps are typically made by combining seaweed with hot water and essential oils, clay and other skin-loving ingredients. The thick paste is spread over the entire body and then wrapped in a heated towel, sheet or blanket while the paste is soaked by the skin.

  • Detoxifies the body by eliminating toxins from the body.  It is applied warm to the body and encourages you to sweat. During this process, your body eliminates impurities. These are brought to the surface of the skin and rinsed away when the wrap is washed off.
  • Removes dead skin and moisturises: While you sweat during a seaweed wrap, not only are the toxins removed from the body, but the dead skin is loosened as well. The seaweed itself is filled with plenty of proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids that easily soak into the skin to add moisture.
  • Improves skin elasticity and regeneration: Over time, your skin loses the ability to stretch and return to normal.  This leads to stretch marks and wrinkles, but seaweed contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin A, that rebuild the elasticity of the skin. It also makes your skin more supple by increasing blood flow to the surface, regenerates damaged skin cells, produces collagen to firm and tone the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Reduces cellulite and helps tone the skin: Seaweed can help aid the shaping of skin so it’s smoother and tighter by direct diffusion of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, if cellulite is a problem, a seaweed wrap may help to reduce the undesirable marks left on the skin.