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Micro Current & Electrolysis Services specializes in Micro-current facial toning and permanent hair removal, electrolysis.  

Micro Current re-educates the facial muscles, increases circulation, and stimulating collagen production as well as healing minor imperfections.  It works with your body naturally and is completely safe and painless. The same current has been used medically for many years to promote healing and aid in physical therapy.

Treatments are usually around an hour in length including the all important facial areas and the neck as well; thus lifting, tightening, smoothing, and countering.

Micro Current toning treatments can delay or replace the need for more costly medical procedures e.g. surgery, botox and/or the use of fillers.

For optimal results a series of treatments is recommend, the treatment program depends on skin condition and age. 

Treatment  plans are customized according to individual needs after skin analysis.  Plans vary according to the individual's needs and afford a savings on unit prices when treatment packages are purchased in advance.  

Electrolysis services are offered by highly skilled and experienced professional.
It is the only proven permanent method of hair removal approved by the FDA and AMA. A small electrical current is directed into the hair follicle to destroy unwanted hair. A series of treatments is necessary to guarantee permanent results. 

Stop wasting money on hair removal methods that are only temporary (waxing, threading, sugaring, and depilatories) and will be more costly over time.  Laser treatments while seemingly quicker are not as effective and there is substantial regrowth of hair.  Laser does not treat facial hair and does not work on white or blond hair and is more costly. In the long run, Electrolysis is tried and true and is over 93% effective in all cases. Treatment areas include: face,  eyebrows and hairlines, underarms, and legs.  Services are unisex.

Our state of the art system multiple modalities affords more client comfort and faster and more efficient thus cost effective, well-tolerated, permanent method of hair removal leaving the skin unaffected.  Save money and time in the long run, try electrolysis.

We are a highly trained professionals in Skin Care & Electrolysis with many years of experience.

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